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Advanced Staging System

4 Advantages of Using Bravado Acoustical Shell for Your Shows

Advantage of Bravado Acoustical Shell


Easy Transportation


Each and every part of the shell can be easily transported to any location and therefore, one does not have to worry about the size of acoustical shell because it can be adjusted according to the requirement of organizers. Most of the shells come in different parts but those are not easy to transform from one to the other location but in case of bravado, you don’t have to worry about it.


Fast Operation


The organizer can make sure that the shells are set up within a very short period of time and this is because of the design that allows even a single person to finish entire process without any problem at all. Setting up process can be as faster as you want and thus the fear of getting late for launching of the ceremony is no more a problem for the organizers.


Visual Hardware


Organizers and performers don’t want the audience to see hardware on frontal side of the shell and thus the use of this type of shell allows them to avoid this visually from the audience. Sometimes, switches and joints are seen by the audience and give very bad impression over the visibility.


Lighting Options


There are various lighting options available which include ETC Source Four PAR MCM, ETC Source Four PAR EA, ETC Desire LED Series and Future Light 1000. These are basic option and there are various other custom options which are provided on the request by the clients.


An economical and portable acoustical shell which can be transported and stored easily is Bravado Acoustical Shell from Staging Concept. The unique and applicable ideas from the company have brought various effective and attractive options for the buyers who want the perfection in shells but don’t want to go beyond their budget. The customizing capability enables the organizers to fit it at any available space to make it a perfect venue for performing arts. You may look for variety of designs from numerous companies, but the design that has been introduced by staging concept has been highly appreciated because of its uniqueness in everything it has as attachment.


Final Words


Easy transportation, fast operation, non-visually of hardware and lighting all are very good advantages and one must never ignore them when looking to buy or take on rent any kind of acoustical shells. To read more about shells, see this website.